Raffle Prizes

We will be having raffle tickets on sale during CollectorFest 2017, with 100% of proceeds going to Wood's Homes. We have multiple prizes which have been supplied by the CollectorFest Team, our sponsors, and some local businesses. Not all prizes will be shown here, so you will have to attend to see some of them!

Raffle tickets will be priced 1 for $5, 3 for $10, or 10 for $20. Be sure to buy lots if you see something you want, and remember that you will also be supporting Wood's Homes charity at the same time!

Raffle Prize #1

Here we have a Funko Pop bundle featuring a number of exclusives from the Overwatch set. We have a Posh Tracer which was a ThinkGeek Exclusive, followed by Titanium Pharah which is a Blizzard Gear Store Exclusive, then we have a Best Buy Exclusive No Helmet Reinhardt, and we finally finish off this bundle with a Carbon Fiber D. Va with MEKA which was also a Blizzard Gear Store Exclusive!

Raffle Prize #2

Drooling Over Toys has graciously donated a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Legacy  Dragonzord to our raffle! Relive your childhood or introduce a new generation to one of the coolest zords of all time! This is a highly collectible and sought after item, and we're super appreciative that this was donated for such a worthy cause!

Raffle Prize #3

Our amazing show sponsors; Ages Three and Up, is offering a couple Exclusive items for our charity raffle! The first is the Ocular Max PS-06R Terraegis Rally! The Terraegis Rally was a TFCon Canada 2017 Exclusive product and would make a great addition to any collector's shelf! This raffle and the Ages Three and Up booth at the show will be one of the few places you'll be able to acquire this awesome third party Transformer! 

Raffle Prize #4

Our amazing show sponsors; Ages Three and Up, is offering a couple Exclusive items for our charity raffle! The second is the Ocular Max PS-06O Terraegis Offroad! The Terraegis Offroad was a TFCon USA 2017 Exclusive product and would make a great addition to any collector's shelf! This is also an early chance to own the Offroad variant, as it is not even available for purchase online at the moment! We want to extend a huge thank you to Ages Three and Up for their generosity and support of our show and charity of choice!

Raffle Prize #5

Yet another one of our amazing show sponsors; The Buy and Sell Store, has generously donated a PlayStation 3 Slim (320GB) and Xbox 360 Slim (250GB) for our charity raffle! Both consoles come with one controller and all the required cables. They are gently used and come with a 30 day warranty on any defects starting the day they are acquired by the winner. A big thanks goes out to The Buy and Sell Store!

Raffle Prize #6

Through their Community Outreach Program, Horizon Drilling, has decided to help CollectorFest in their efforts to raise money for Wood's Homes! They have very generously donated something that is invaluable to the traveling collector, an Ogio Kickstart 22" Rolling Travel Bag! With a fully lined interior and straps to secure even the most valuable collectibles, this is the perfect item for transporting them in . . . or just traveling in general! Many thanks to the kind people at Horizon Drilling! Also, who knows? There may be some goodies hidden inside the bag!

Raffle Prize #7

Our good friends, active participants throughout the Calgary gaming scene, and show sponsor, Video Game Trader, has very generously donated a copy of Sonic Mania (Collector's Edition) for the Nintendo Switch as a raffle prize, to help raise funds for Wood's Homes! If you weren't fast enough to catch this collectible when it was first released, this is your chance to own a piece of classic Sonic history! Be sure to check out their Retro Game Video Game Play Area, which is open to all attendees of CollectorFest, as well as possibly sign up for the Mario Kart Tournament they're hosting! 

Raffle Prize #8

Here's a pretty awesome raffle prize if you're a fan of Game of Thrones! This is a bottle of Icelandic Mountain Vodka signed by Hafthor "The Mountain" Bjornsson! It was acquired on September 12, 2017 when he was in town promoting the vodka, and Jon from the CollectorFest Crew managed to also get him to pose with a CollectorFest poster since the bottle of vodka was going to help raise funds for Wood's Homes! Also included in this raffle is an XXL t-shirt for Icelandic Mountain Vodka. If you know any Game of Thrones fans, you best be telling them about this very unique collectible, only available to win through our raffle! Skál!

Raffle Prize #9

Friends of the show, Comic Traders, have given us this retired LEGO Technic - Compact Excavator - 8047, which is sealed! If you know your LEGO, you know that sealed retired sets are quite the collectible! Launched back in 2010, and part of the Technic series, don't let this rare set out of your grasps! A big shout out to them for donating such an awesome item for our Charity Raffle!

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